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Epoxy Floors

Commercial Epoxy Flooring in Detroit, MI

With so many flooring options now available, property owners can now invest in practical and long-lasting options for high activity spaces, such as professional garages and even manufacturing facilities. If you need new floors for your business that prove durable and look great far into the future, then you should consider commercial epoxy flooring.

In Detroit, MI, Excel Painting specializes in providing this heavy duty floor covering option for a wide range of commercial and industrial clients. Advancements in epoxy manufacturing now mean that this floor coating is also available in a number of stylish hues and colors.

What is Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy is an adhesive material made from synthetic thermosetting polymers, which is a unique combination of resins and hardeners. When used on flooring, epoxy is applied in layers to reach a thickness of about two millimeters.

The strong and resilient makeup of epoxy means that it is ideal for the floors of even the most demanding industrial environments. With the ability to withstand water damage and harsh chemicals, you don’t have to worry about this floor coating exhibiting signs of wear and tear any time soon. The following are types of structures that typically benefit from commercial epoxy floor coating:

• Garages • Factories • Warehouses • Manufacturing Plants
New Commercial Epoxy Flooring in Detroit, MI

The Industrial Epoxy Flooring Process

When an epoxy floor is applied properly, it guarantees to provide an impressive resistance to UV light, corrosive chemicals, high levels of heat, and severe abrasions. This is why more and more property owners in the construction, electronic, and agricultural industries are choosing epoxy for the buildings where their daily operations are performed.

We complete all aspects of the industrial epoxy flooring process with speed and skill, producing strong and attractive floors in a timely manner. The entire process includes the following detail-oriented steps:

• Floors Are Shot Blasted to Prepare Them for Coating
• Entire Surface Is Grinded to Create a Clean Surface
• Cracks, Holes, and Divots Are Patched and Smoothed
• Epoxy Primer Is Applied to Strengthen Chemical Bond
• Custom Colored Epoxy Is Applied the Following Day
• Textured Flakes Are Also Applied at This Time If Desired
• The Last Day, the Floor Is Scraped and Brushed Smooth
• Clear Top Coat Is Applied for a Shiny and Durable Surface

Set up your free consultation with Excel Painting today! Simply contact us and ask for a complimentary estimate on epoxy flooring. We perform coatings for commercial and industrial properties located in Detroit, Warren, Livonia, Wayne, and Romulus, Michigan.